181+ Sorry Quotes to ask for an Apology | Foremost I am Sorry Quotes to melt down your Heart

181+ Sorry Quotes to ask for an Apology | Foremost I am Sorry Quotes to melt down your Heart

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We, humans, are emotional creatures. We can be sometimes impulsive but at the end of the day, we all want peace. And nothing can help our mind at peace than a beautiful apology. But most of us feel shy to express ‘Sorry’ to our loved ones. And as a result, the guilt starts eating us from inside. Sometimes we are even ashamed to face the lord for our behavior and then, these enlightening quotes can help you.

A Sorry is a powerful statement. It can connect two souls, and avoiding this magical term in necessary times can also distance two souls.

For making this task simple for you we have listed some of the heart-touching ‘Sorry Quotes’ that will instantly melt the next person’s heart. Still. It is essential to mean an apology before conveying it to others. And all these “Sorry Quotes” will place your world in a beautiful location.

Sorry Quotes


  • Please forgive me for all my bitter words that made your precious tears come out. My sorry for you is straight from my heart.


  • Some damages can never be restored but despite that, I believe that a sorry is like an adhesive that can resolve everything.


  • I am ashamed for breaking your heart, my love. I hope that my in-depth sorry will heal our broken relationship.


  • It’s hard to say sorry but your sad face with tears in your eyes is bothering me more than my false self-respect.


  • You owe an apology to me for my rude behavior. Please be my forever best friend and forgive my peculiar acts.


  • It’s always hard to say I am sorry, but once said one achieve true freedom from all the negativities including ego.


  • My graceful lord! I’m sorry for performing all the sins today against your wishes. It’s in your light I can carry a rightful life further.


  • I’m sorry for ignoring you when you supported me the most. I have realized that you are the shining diamond for me.


  • Since childhood, you have let go of all my mistakes. All I can do this time is asking for an apology from you. I’m sorry.


  • My Jesus! On my brother’s behalf, I am requesting an apology from you. Please give him mercy and guide him towards righteousness.


  • As you know it’s hard to say sorry openly face to face, that’s why with a clean heart I am asking for your forgiveness here.


  • To my glorious Jesus! I am apologetic for all the rude words I have spoken today and for breaking hearts, please enlighten me.


I am Sorry Quotes


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  • Please forgive me for all my bitter words that made your precious tears come out. My sorry for you is straight from my heart.


  • Sorry to know this heartbroken news. May you assemble all the courage to dive through this dark time.


  • All these nonsense fights we have done are to make our bond powerful. If I have hurt you then a serious apology to you.


  • Time is what you have valued the most, my sister-in-law! And by being late I’ve offended you. Please forgive me for that.


  • Please do a favor to me by talking to me just another time. I want to explain a lot. Till then sorry to my friend.


  • Kindly forgive me for not praying for you the entire day. But I believe you wholeheartedly and your blessings are making me survive.


  • It’s hard to use Sorry for some damages but it gives me enough grief to know about your stolen money. God will fix everything.


  • All my blunders are like sleepless nights but your open-hearted forgiveness is like wonderful dreams. Apologizing to you warmly.


  • The one who is always right is not the idol. The ideal is the one who comes forward and accepts the fault, even though he is not deserved it, and asked forgiveness to reclaim a relationship.


  • Never think you are so big or valuable, so honest or glorious, that you cannot learn at the soles of a person you injure and submit a modest and serious apology.


  • Real guilt is never only remorse over effect. It is repentance over purpose.


  • The softest among all acts of revenge is forgiveness. It binds two individuals together forever.


  • Telling Sorry to someone is not easy, and when you have made up your mind to say sorry to someone, just aspire it is not too much delay.


  • It is normal for human beings to do errors, but remorse felt for the offense sets off the innocent from the bad.


  • It requires one’s gut to assert sorry but purely a powerful and harmonious person with the clearness of mind can work it out so easily.


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I’M Sorry Quotes


  • So sorry to listen about the failure of your career startup. I realize how tough it is to thrive in a career. I promise to assist you in the future.


  • At the end of the day dear lord! I would like to beg mercy for others who don’t have much courage to face you. Please confront them, lord.


  • As a sorry is even more beautiful than a red rose, I want to decorate your soul with this word my love.


  • A Sorry is too minor for the saddest time you are witnessing. But I want to make you feel that I am with you when you feel alone.


  • It’s hard to deal with the situation. Sorry for the gem you have lost in your life.


  • Sometimes a guilty heart seeks a sincere acknowledgment. And praying for mercy from God clears all our burden from the heart.


  • I don’t know how to suppress my mistakes that I had made. A mere sorry is what came instantly to my mind, kindly accept it.


  • Shouting at a senior person is the greatest blunder I have made. My Sorry for you if not as respect then take it as a promise.


  • It’s hard to say Sorry to someone but at least it makes you great because you are not making any excuses.


  • To the supreme Jesus, at the end of the daylight, the only term wants to convey to him is that “I am sorry for my misdeeds”


  • To the most humble boss, one would ever have I plead an apology from you for not attending such a crucial meeting like yesterday.


  • A Sorry is not my cup of tea. But seeking an apology from you makes me feel good. Waiting for your forgiveness my friend.


  • Living without you next to me is surviving without oxygen. Please feel pity for me and accept my apology.


Sorry Quotes For Love


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  • God kindly mercy me for all the worst things I have thought of today. Bless me by vanishing all the negatives from me.


  • I am sorry and embarrassed for not meeting up to your expectation my Boss. I promise you will be satisfied next time.


  • I request you not to save any proof of my wrongs as they are several. I am sad and apologetic, pardon me.


  • We both have crossed a lengthy path to make our friendship. Please take my sorry and save our friendship.


“Hard to Say I’m Sorry” Quotes


  • It’s hard to say sorry but I’m indeed the weakest among all other colleagues. I am grateful for all your patience and motivation.


  • I agree that I have gone extreme attempting to validate my argument. So sorry, the smile on my sister’s face is important.


  • I’m sorry that I never understood you when you were alive but I pray may your afterlife turn no less than heaven.


  • To the generous almighty, I am sorry for myself for feeling low even in the incredible world you have created. Help me to again get up.


  • I took you lightly as I understand my pal will know my soul at the end of the sunset. I am so uncomfortable to give you pain. Sorry, buddy.


  • I know that I am not perfect which is proven by my misdeeds. But a magical sorry can take me one step forward from where I am today.


  • My Bro! Sorry for my childish act of secretly eating all your chocolates from the fridge. I will bring more for you tomorrow.


  • You know very well how bad I look when I cry continuously. Approve my sorry and kiss me so that I can look adorable.


  • I am apologetic to you, Sister for revealing your secrets to Mom. As you are aware of my talkative nature I have done that unknowingly.


  • I feel sorry for you, for getting fired from your job. Accept the fate that all is good. Surely, you will get a better job next time.


  • I hope someday I will time travel and make all things like before. Till then approve my apology as I am regretting the most.


  • With your hugs, you have passed my sadness away. If you allow me then I wanna hug you and say sorry so that you can smile again.


  • A decent confession has 3 components: I was not correct, I did the mistake of injuring you and how can I correct my mistakes.


  • Confessing a fault is a misstep. However, whispering the world “sorry” forgives two spirits.


  • Asking forgiveness is a precious perfume. It may twist an extremely painful instant into a blessing of humanity.

Apology Quotes

  • Your heart is like a deep ocean that takes all mistaken droplets within itself. Forgive me and permit me to be your soul’s part.


  • I took revenge unknowingly that it was my fault. I request you to forgive me and gain victory over mean acts.


  • My past is not in my hand but you can make a difference by accepting my apology. Give me a second chance.


  • Sorry for scoring poor marks on the exam. Though I can’t guarantee good marks but can assure you that I will try my level best.


  • Do you forgive me for the last time for canceling the trip that we have previously planned? We will plan something awesome next time.


  • You can understand one’s heart and if his apology is true or not by listening to the sorrow in his say and watching the stare n his eyes.


  • An apology is a powerful thing. If two persons are staying together it is not because they overlook but because they apologize.


  • At this moment I want to say I love you but all I can make up for is a sorry which will heal your damaged heart.


  • Lying to you in return for your faith is a real serious deal for both you and me. It was unintentional, I am sorry if it hurt you anyway.


  • I have missed your birthday party yesterday. Apologize for that as I have done so due to some urgency.


  • I know the kind of headache you went through the entire day. I hope that my pure apology will act like medicine for you.


  • It’s truly annoying how I mocked you in front of everyone. It’s tough to forgive me but I know your generosity and I am hopeful.


  • It’s hard to say sorry to someone whom we merely know. But his glee will make you satisfied.


  • One of the best things you can learn from your past is to forgive yourself while learning from your mistake.


  • Tell you offenses to one another and beg for one another in front of the Almighty. He will definitely heal you all.


  • Telling  I’m sorry indicates I love you with a damaged heart on one hand and your ego another.


  • An apology is a sacrifice for one’s feelings and real remorse is not as common as that real love.


  • Sometimes, messages are not sufficient to express an apology to someone. First, ask yourself if you can forgive your mistake before asking for forgiveness from others.


  • Saying sorry for your fault? It never confirms anything until you realize it. This is the best time to fix things if you mean it. Hurry up.


  • Our friendship’s starting page cannot be shown presently because of a server mistake. Please press the refresh switch and restart- “ I apologize”.


  • Although it is hard to say sorry to someone and to say sorry means to submit yourself to teasing or punishment, still it is ethical to apologize for your mistake and follow the path of God.


  • Saying sorry before the Almighty never sets everything back though drives everything ahead. It shuts down the gap. Mercy is a spiritual blessing.


  • Confessing an error is not a weakness but on the opposite, it indicates the goodness of one’s soul.


  • Putting up with guilt for one’s activities needs and improves his self-restraint. One, then, becomes himself.


  • The craft of a truthful and deep apology is one of the extraordinary abilities one will ever hear.


  • Intelligent people invariably tell sorry, whereas the foolish ones only hold back for the intelligent one to announce sorry.


  • The phrase “I am sorry” is not a slip of the tongue. It does not require reciting many times. The saying is easy and quick, clear to express.


  • It is amazing how several wounds can be cured by the three terms, “I am sorry”


  • One should excuse everyone for their mistakes. That will help him survive his life with peacefulness.


Sorry Quotes for Forgiveness


  • God always forgives those who apologize for their mistakes. So, always say sorry go to God for your mistake even if it is hard to say I am sorry.


  • The serious devotion of moral individuals has a big strength. It creates great results and will clear him from all of his guilts.


  • Come! Let us love one another and never allow hatred to occupy our bosom because affection is a kid of the Almighty God. Don’t hesitate to say sorry if needed.


  • God is faithful enough to forgive our sins and purify us from every crime if we do apologize for our crimes before him.


  • It is hard to say sorry when you didn’t do any mistakes while you can’t prove the truth. In such a situation, only God understands that you are right.


  • God! Please give us strength so that we can fight against evil. Bless us for achieving our goals and, also exalt our mind to stay calm and forgive to lose.


  • Sorry, but I can’t live without you. So, I am apologizing to you for my mistake. Sorry is just a word. It is not important for me more than you.


  • How can I forgive you? You played with my feeling, with my mind and soul. It’s hard to ignore. Fore getting forgiveness, apologize before Jesus. He will forgive you.


  • Sorry is just 5 alphabet words but it contains thousands of feelings, apologies, forgiveness, and love to save a relationship for sure.


  • I apologize to Jesus from my heart if I did any mistake or tried to harm others. Please God, forgive me for the betterment of my soul.


  • Sorry for your loss, sorry for the death of your close one, sorry for your heartbreak. Follow Almighty’s path and you will get solace in your life.


  • I said sorry to you for trusting you, for making you someone special, for giving you the best place of my heart. It’s not your mistake that you broke my heart.


  • I am the kind of person who treats you best if you treat me well, but will never forgive you if you treat me like hell.


  • It is hard to say sorry to someone for your mistakes, but once you confess your fault, you will get God’s forgiveness.


  • Despite having a cracked soul and humble ego, with a wounded heart and a falling crown it is forever okay to apologize to someone whole-heartedly.


  • Compassion is never an irregular act but a continuous behavior. Faults are anyhow pardoned if one shows bravery to confess them.


  • Fearless person confesses first. Strong person pardons first. And, the person who let slip first is the joyous person in the world.


  • Preserving bitterness in your heart will never uphold you. It will increase your bitterness. However, Mercy will never unstable you. It will give you freedom.


  • The truth is that screwing up by society never allows a misstep to damage a glorious thing. Telling sorry for an error without any self-pride is always appreciated.


“Sorry for your loss” Quotes


  • Sorry for your suffering on the way to love. Feeling very sorry for your loss of love. Love sometimes gives us pain but never resorts to hatred for it.


  • Kindness is the finest aspect of affection in all friendships. It requires a tough individual to say he is ashamed and even tougher individual to let off.


  • Sometimes, sorry is not sufficient in a connection. One has to improve himself for rebuilding the relationship.


  • We are not always perfect. Recall that, and aim to forgive me whenever I do some fault.


  • Mistreating someone and then not acknowledging his mistake is the guiltiest thing one has ever done to some relationship.

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