Happy Holi: 75+ Holi Wishes, Messages and Quotes to send to your Loved Ones

Happy Holi: 75+ Holi Wishes, Messages and Quotes to send to your Loved Ones

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 It’s a Hindu spring festival celebrated especially in India but now it has also spread in the other countries of the World.

There are different types of history we can have come across about Holi’s origin in Hindu Mythology. According to one popular history behind celebrating Holi is the death of a demoness named Holika. He forced his son Prahalada to worship him instead of worshiping the other Indian Gods. but  Prahalada was very much devoted to Lord Vishnu. So he refused to worship him. Hiranyakashipu curated a plan with his sister Holika to murder his own son, just because he worshiped Lord Vishnu. Holika fooled Prahalada and told him to sit with her in a burning pyre. But strangely Prahalada was not being affected by the fire because Lord Vishnu was with him and saved his devotee. But Holika was dead. Since then Holi Dahan has been started. It’s a sign of the victory of good over bad, the victory of positivity over negativity. Holi Dahan is celebrated the night before Holi. On this day bonfires are burnt for the representation of ending all the evil power.

Lord Krishna used to prank his Gopis and Radha with colors and played with them. For symbolizing their love Holi is celebrated over a week in Vrindavan and Mathura.

Holi brings an extra amount of happiness to everyone’s life. Every color symbolizes something like red signifies love, blue signifies the color of Lord Krishna and serenity, yellow signifies enlightenment and happiness, green signifies luck, white signifies purity. Holi is the purest festival celebrated in India. It has no age limit, no religious boundaries, no social strata. It has a positive impact on all the persons of the nations who are indulging in the festivals with their Loved ones. In India, people are using Abir to show their respect and gratitude to the Elder persons of their family.  Even throwing colors to strangers is also allowed on this day. People distribute sweets to each other. Another traditional ritual on Holi is dancing to the rhythm of the music.

Ultimately Holi is the celebration of love and peace by eradicating all the conflicts and barriers with the people with its positive vibes. It can repair the broken relations and can take away all the sorrow ness by the beautiful colors of Love and Happiness.


Happy Holi Wishes:

  • Happy Holi My Dear Friends, I hope you enjoy this beautiful festival of colors and it turned to be the best ever Holi of your life.!!


  • Let’s play Holi with each other to celebrate the festival and make life colorful. Happy Holi.


  • May God shower all the blessings in your life and make your Life colorful throughout the year. Wishing you Happy Holi My friend.


  • Begins the festival by throwing the colors in the air and filled the life with sweet memories and moments. Wishing you Happy Holi.


Happy Holi Wishes to All

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  •  May you have a fantastic holi to make your day colorful.


  • As we celebrate the holi with different colors May your life remain colorful forever. Wishing you Happy Holi.


  • May the sweetness of gujiya and the beating of the drums on the rhythm of the music make your holi most colorful day of the year. Make fun and enjoy the Day as far as you can.


  • Do not harm others and animals. Spread the colors of love in the Air.


  • May the auspicious festival of Holi bring all the Good lucks and prosperity to your life.


  •  So keep aside all the worries and tensions about life and indulge in the festivities with full energy and enjoy every moment. Happy Holi.


  • May this Holi is overflown with Love and Happiness to cherish every moment of your life. Wishing to have A Boombastic Holi.


  • Wishing you Holi filled with wonderful colors and Water balloons. Tempted yourself with the sweetness of gujiya and colorful sweets. 


Happy Holi Wishes to All


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  • May the day be bright and colorful so we can enjoy the day by playing Holi with each other. Wishing Happy Holi.


  • Be ready my friend! I am coming with lots of colors to play with you and make the day worth memorable. Happy Holi my Friend.


  • Let the beautiful colors of this festival filled your life with Love, Joy, and Happiness. Wishing Happy Holi.


  • May God showers all the blessings to you and fulfills your dreams. Wishing you A Blessed Holi.


  • I wish all the colors of love and happiness stay with you throughout the year and never leave you. Happy Holi.


  • Let’s celebrate the festival of bonding, relationship by splashing colors to each other and indulge in the festivities. Wishing you Happy Holi.


  • On this beautiful festival of vibrancy and colors may God gift Success, Happiness, and Prosperity to you and your Family. Happy Holi.


  • Wishing you and your family Good Health and prosperity on this auspicious occasion. May the colors of festivals brings new opportunity in your life. Happy Holi.


  • May the color of the festival be the starting point of Peace and prosperity in your life. 



Happy Holi Messages to Friends and Family


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  • May your new Business continues to grow and be successful and your bondings with us become stronger day by day. Wishing you Happy Holi. 


  • The festival of joy, happiness, and colors comes just once a year. So indulge yourself in the color of festivities by letting all the worries go. 


Colorful Holi Messages


  • May each day of your life filled with beautiful colors and be as colorful as the rainbow. Enjoy the day to the fullest.


  • Holi is a beautiful festival to express your love and care for your loved ones by painting them using the colors of love. 


  • Let the color of Holi Spread the message of Love, Humanity, and Peace in the life of you and make you feel better. 


  • Enjoy every color of Holi but play with safety-ness.


  • Holi is a beautiful celebration where you can strengthen your bondings with your loved ones, make new relationships, and enjoy the day with them to the fullest. Happy Holi.


  • May this Holi God Showers all his blessings and brings new opportunities to you. 


  •  This festival endorses friendship and companionship among the community. Forget about cast creed people are indulged in the colors and enjoy the festival. Happy Holi.


Happy Holi Captions


  • Play with Colors and Waters to dissolves all the differences and gaps between cast, creed, and communities.


  • Let’s deep into the colors of Hope and Encouragement to relive our life.


  • Play the Holi with Natural colors and wash away all the negative vibes of your life. 


  • Holi is the celebration of love, relationship, and Unity where everybody seems of the same color.


  • On this auspicious occasion let’s enter the ray of Positive vibes into your life and destroy all your bad Habits. Happy Holi.


  • Splashing the colors of love to each other and repaint the canvas of your life. 


  • Sprinkle some color of love and happiness into your life and make it worth livable. Happy Holi.


  • Let’s dissolve all your ego, arrogance into the colors of the Holi and be open up to the new opportunities that life will offer to you.


  • Start the day with the sweetness of Gujiya and dance to the fullest with your family and friends. Bring a little change into your mundane life in this color of festival. 


  • The festival of Holi always brings the vibes of goodness and happiness to our life.


  • Let the spring season of nature bloom into your life with its great colors and beauty by the celebration of the Holi Festival.


  • All of us eagerly waiting for the Holi to indulge in the colors of life and enjoy the delicious platters.

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