Different types of Coffee Roasts and their Flavors

Different types of Coffee Roasts and their Flavors

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The Universally acclaimed freshly brewed drink, popularly known as Coffee gets its mind refreshing aroma from perfectly roasting process. Roasting is a heating process with the combination of science in which the aroma and the flavor kept inside the green coffee beans bring out and makes the raw coffee beans into the dark and aromatic crunchy beans we love to have every day.

Generally, Coffee beans stored as green coffee beans which have no characteristics of roasted beans. It is generally soft and spongy with a fresh grassy smell and no taste. The process of roasting makes drastic chemical changes into the coffee beans when they rapidly brought to very high temperatures. As a result, the sugar, fats, and starches that are within the beans get amalgamate and released and make the beans lighter. When they reach the final point they are immediately cooled down and be ready to use for serving a great Coffee drink.

Different Types of Coffee Roasts


There are specialized names are attached to the different roaster and their flavor and color. The color and flavor of the beans depend on the length of the roasting process and the geographical location of the beans.

Mostly roasts fall into four categories depending on the colors of the roasted beans- Light, Medium, Medium-dark, and Dark.

Light Roast

Also known as New England, Half-City and Cinnamon are roasted for the least amount of time to produce Light Brown colored coffee beans and to intact the original flavor of the beans. Light Roasted coffee beans often reach an internal temperature of 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. These beans generally have a matte surface because of the duration of their roasting process. They have not been roasted at a high enough temperature for a long time that the oils will break through to the surface. These beans barely reach the stage we call “First Crack” where the vapor within the beans gets evaporated through the outer wall and create a crack on the outer surface of the beans.

Light Roast Coffee Beans


Due to the shortened roasting process, the Caffeine and the Acidity of these beans have not been pulled out much. This process also prevents to occur some important chemical changes in order to retain the original flavors of the beans. With the light roast flavor, you will enjoy the citrus or lemon palate for its Acidic compound accompanied by Fruity and Floral note which going to give a thrilling experience to some Coffee Lovers.

Usually, Light Roasts Coffee beans have a combination of fruity flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, and citrus fruits like lemon, orange to entice our taste buds.


Medium Roast

Also known as City, Regular and American is a brown-colored coffee bean little darker than the Light Roast. These beans have no oil on the surface instead of having a more balanced flavor and Acidity between Light and Dark Coffee beans. In this Roasting process, the internal temperature of the Coffee beans reaches between 410-428 degrees Fahrenheit and continues the roasting process just before the occurrence of the Second crack on the surface. These coffee beans tend to have a medium body and less acidity and caffeine. As the beans have been roasted for a longer time, the caramelization process of the beans has taken place. For the reason that we get the slightly sweeter and darker note.


Medium Roast Coffee


Medium Roasts are highly popular among coffee lovers. These roasts are famous for their more balanced and well-rounded flavor. Though it still can manage the natural coffee flavors in accordance with Sweet and smother palate.


Medium-Dark Roast

Also known as Viennese, Full City, Light French, Light Espresso North Italian are slightly shiny and darker Brown Colored Coffee Beans. These beans have oils on the surface as they have been roasting for a longer time in high enough temperature between 437-446 degrees Fahrenheit till the beans reach the stage call Second crack. It has less Acidity than Medium Roast.


Medium-Dark Coffee


A Medium Dark Roast usually has a heavy body and a richer fuller flavor with a little hint of chocolaty and caramel Tang.

Dark Roast

Also known as French, Espresso, Turkish, Italian, and Dark French is a dark Brown colored Coffee bean with a Glossy surface. These Coffee beans have low-level Acidity, Heavy body, and Nutty, Chocolatey flavors. The roasting temperature of the beans reaches between 464-482 degrees Fahrenheit and continues the heating process after the appearance of the Second Crack stage. As a result, we get deeper, darker colors of the beans and sweeter flavor with a hint of smokiness. Cause sugar in the beans gets more time to caramelize.


Dark Roast Coffee


For its lengthy roasting process, dark roast have the least amount of caffeine. As it roasted for a longer time at high temperature it left its original characteristics, its original flavor but pulls out more aroma from the roasting process. Dark Roast typically has rich classic dinner style coffee flavor. If you are looking for a full-bodied coffee with a Bold flavor then Dark roast will be the perfect choice for you.


The French Roast is considered to be the darkest roast with dark black color, very oily surface, and smoky palate. There is a thin line between French Roast and Burnt Coffee Beans.

Benefits of Light Roast Coffee Beans


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