Different types of Coffee Beans in the World

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If we walk down the streets of history, we can find some amazing facts about coffee. Coffee is a brewed beverage widely consumed across the globe. It is made from the seeds of berries from different coffee species. The seeds are then hand plucked and finely roasted to make coffee beans.
According to evidence, coffee was first cultivated in the mid- 15th century in the southern parts of Arabia. Coffee beans were also first roasted and drunk as a beverage in Yemen, south Arabia.

In modern times coffee is consumed globally, but the process hasn’t changed much. Your favorite coffee travels a lot from berries into your cup. We know that coffee is a seed from a coffee berry initially green in color and turns red when ripe. First, the cherries are planted and harvested. When ripened- they are processed into beans. Quality tests are essential in every step to maintain the aroma and taste of coffee. After processing and quality tests, the coffee beans are dried manually and roasted. Roasted coffee beans are the second most exported products in the world. They are ground into a fine powder for final consumption and brewed into one’s favorite coffee drink.

There are different types of coffee berries grown across the world. Due to diversity, there are different varieties of coffee berries. Eventually leading to different species of coffee beans. Arabica and Robusta are the two top consumed coffee beans worldwide, followed by Liberica and Excelsa var. But in this world, there are hundreds of different species of coffee beans. Liberica and Excelsa are rare but no less aromatic.

Coffee is a leading export product that never fails to amaze its consumers. But what makes coffee so famous? The reason is not only coffee’s aroma and flavor but also its health benefits. Coffee reduces the risk of fatal heart failure and liver failure. It also prevents Parkinson’s disease at an early stage. Coffee also helps to live long, so don’t hesitate and drink coffee every day.

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