151+ Best Merry Christmas Wishes, Messages for Friends and Family | Merry Christmas Images

151+ Best Merry Christmas Wishes, Messages for Friends and Family | Merry Christmas Images

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Merry Christmas Wishes: The festival of Christmas is celebrated globally on the 25th of December with much fervor and merriment. Traditionally this festival was only celebrated by Christians, but with time people of other faith too, joined in the merriment of Christmas, which makes it one of the most joyous festivals that are celebrated globally.

Christmas is considered a very holy day and people go to churches to attend special prayers and masses. On this day each family prepares special treats and baked goods for their loved ones. Family and friends also, get together on this special day to bring in the spirit of Christmas by singing Christmas carols and exchanging gifts with one another. The most important ritual of Christmas, however, is decorating Christmas trees. Christmas truly is incomplete without Christmas trees and every family has their own special way of doing it and the magnificently lighted and decorated Christmas trees truly add to the beauty of this festival.

What really makes this festival Happy and vibrant is the heartfelt wishes we give and receive from our loved ones. No gift can ever replace the beauty of heartwarming notes and wishes that we get from our friends, family, colleagues, and partners. So take this day’s opportunity to spread the cheer of Christmas by sending them a Happy Christmas wish. 

Merry Christmas wishes

  • May the warm affection of Jesus load your heart and bring colors to your home. Merry Christmas to you.


  • I wish to Christ that on his birthday he blesses you with a long life filled with merry times. Happy Christmas.


  • I pray that this Christmas bless you with complete faith in the supreme and all the magic he does to the world. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.


  • I wish that may Santa in its chariot brings for you an immense share of affection, prosperity, and a huge amount of happiness. As I always wish to see the smile on your face. Happy Christmas.


  • Celebrating Christmas is a joy to many, trade or Caste is not a worry of any. Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas Wishes

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  • Winter is all about Christmas and Christmas is all about partying. So, be in a chilling mood but party warmly with your friends and loved ones. Happy Christmas day.


  • The celebration has its own way, singing Carols and walking under the Glittered streets has its charm anyway. Happy Christmas.


  • In this Christmas season may the Lord bless you with infinite love which you can unfold with your loved ones. Wishing you a Happy Christmas.


  • Trees are decorated With stars and bells, It’s all Glittered and dazzling like a jewel Because Santa is here to see which child did well. Wishing you Merry Christmas.


  • I wish to the lord that may Christmas evade all bad worries and memories of the past year and bring with it unlimited opportunities and vibrant situations in your life.


  • When the Merchant is happy and the shepherd too, when the Parents are happy and the Angles too, Know that its time of the year when the Lord is Born.


  • I wish that these Xmas hanging shocks make your pocket warmer than your feet. Have a gift-enriching Christmas ahead.


  • Your company is what makes my Christmas worth remembering. This year all I can wish is that you get to celebrate the best Christmas you have ever celebrated.


  • I’m wishing for your buzzing laughter this Christmas season so that it exceeds even the firecrackers sound.


  • In this Christmas holiday, I wish that you take a break from your daily workload and celebrate the festival grandly.


  • Feel the ambiance of the holy festival and feel blessed with all blessings Jesus has showered on you. Try to make others’ life also bright by spreading love to them.


  • I wish that this Christmas Santa gift you in your hanging socks unlimited joy and happiness.


  • Christmas made us believe everything is possible. Otherwise, who would have thought that the stars that glow in the dark sky can also bring charm to a lighted Christmas tree.


  • If carols are the song of a Christmas then your chuckle is the music behind it similarly if Christmas is a festival then your company is the celebration based on it.


Merry Christmas Quotes

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  • This Christmas has given me various gifts but your friendship is the ultimate gift that I love the most. I want this gift repeatedly given to me every year. Happy Christmas day.


  • Christmas made us believe in the magic of being together and the virtue of love over everything else. The light of the festival glooms our entire year. Happy Christmas.


  • I have a dream to lay in our home Christmas tree so that my family realizes how precious a gift I’m from them. Wishing you a hilarious day and a fun-filled coming year.


  • The fairies revealed his arrival, and the stars illuminated the way for Jesus’s birth. May Christ bless you all with a long life.


  • Have you ever felt how blessed we are to get to meet with you in new flavors every year? Christmas is such a lucky time to honor our relationship.


  • Let’s cherish the birthday of the baby Jesus, whose birth gave happiness and joy to everyone.


  • No Matter how much embellishment and cleanliness you maintain in our house to welcome X-mas. But Jesus loves the gleam coming from a grin in our face the most.


  • The Christmas try to open your heart’s wrap gleefully and enthusiastically similarly like you unwrap your presents with all excitement. Festival comes once so, make use of it.


  • The winter on Christmas eve is metaphorical to an evergreen spring. Because plans for us such optimistic vibes come and make the atmosphere affectionate.


  • The perfect souvenir for a bright Christmas is a love-filled hug which suits all age and fits all figures. So in the name of this day get yourself hugs and forward this to others.


  • The Socks on the windows and the trumping beat of the sleepless heart, says that there is still a lot of childhood yet to be enjoyed.


  • Bake the cake and sing the Carols, Raise the Toast and party in a barrel, Because Lord is born to free us from manacle. Happy Christmas


  • Every member of a family has different bells and decorations of the Christmas tree. Everyone has a different nature and appearance but anyone’s absence loses the tree’s grace.


  • As said popularly Christmas is not only about a specific calendar day, but a joyful state of mind. It makes us lazy for taking work and engages our heart to good meals.


  • The world’s unrest will end if Christmas visits daily to us. However, we can rebuild the world by pretending as if Christmas comes every day. Share positivity this Christmas.


  • This Christmas try to become someone else’s Santa and bring in their life colorful possibilities and unlimited pleasant surprises. Grip your wand and spread the magic.


  • Take inspiration from Christmas to the rest of 364 days by celebrating grandly all days no matter how frosty and chill the outside looks.


  • Wake up and see Christmas has arrived. Without your presence, the tree you decorated is not looking nice and the snowman on the back lawn is not smiling because you are sleeping.


  • The 25th of December is all about baking cakes and cookies. Hey! Come on, don’t eat all those you back alone, share some with me. And in return, I’ll ask Santa to give my gift to you.


  • It looks wonderful how the entire family gets together and celebrates the holy day. How they laugh aloud and sing carols forgetting about the past days. Christmas is truly a blessed day.


  • Hey, have you realized Santa is looking more fit than you? So, are you in any way competing with him to extend your belly. Try to stay healthy in the coming years after Christmas.


  • This day is all about an effort to emerge peace from your inner heart. I hope this year’s Christmas helps you discover your life motive and ultimately find peace in your life.


  • It’s time to turn off your workload mode and enter your Chilling mode with your friends. Because this days comes a single day in the entire year. 


  • I thought for the whole day and decided to not give your printed Christmas cards instead wish you a love-filled message. Soundly celebrate this day.


Merry Christmas Messages


  • I hope from this year’s Christmas that Santa Claus assists you to realize how much value you are for me. Love you


  • I pray to the lord when you will visit the Church for celebrating Christmas may he endow you with positivity.


  • May the lightning of this Spiritual Night never end May its glow paver your way with happiness and solitude!


  • I wish you overwhelming happiness and joy in this upcoming holiday, may you enjoy it to the fullest and shine bright with happiness.


  • The Charismas of Christmas eve is that it gives joy to everyone’s heart and peace to everyone’s soul. May you receive all the happiness and kindness in this season of joy.


  • Holy God always rescues the aching soul from darkness and evil. May all your worries be solved by Holy Jesus this Christmas.


Merry Christmas Quotes


  • Let this Christmas Eve trip help you to explore you be solved by Holy Jesus this journey and ready you to explore the world from complete new dynamics.


  • May the zeal of Christmas preserve your soul and family with affection and tenderness. Admire the vacation!


  • Let this Xmas vibe draw you nearer to everything that you cherish in your heart. Enjoy this Christmas passionately.


  • I hope that this Christmas turns out for your wonderful event. Because you deserve all the incredible moments.


  • May you received all that you desire in this world of unknowns. May you receive the socks filled with gifts that you long for


Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends


  • May special Christmas wish for you this season is that your spirit transforms into a snowflake that all your pains get dissolved. Merry Christmas.


  • Wish you enjoy Christmas in School with your lovely friends like never before, prepare plays, decorate halls with bells and balloons as Santa’s gonna come and make all wishes alive. Merry Christmas my friends.


  • I wish that all the Christmas gifts you are presented this year turn out as colorful as their wrappings. Happy Christmas.


  • May the stars align and shine on your future so hard, so that each day is a blessing and better than the one before. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas Wishes for Family


  • The wonder hearts of the children with socks in hand and sleepy eyes, only wish that Santa is gonna come and make all hopes alive.


  • May your soul enjoy a lovely holiday, so that whenever it is tested, It sends out a fresh breeze of happiness to everyone looking forward to you.


  • May this Upcoming Holiday of Christmas provide you ample opportunities to rediscover yourself and outshine all weaknesses thoroughly.


  • May your X-mas tree be glittered with beautiful bells and stars. May this happiness of glittering another soul always prevail in you.


Merry Christmas Greeting


  • Wish you can enjoy this Christmas as the good old days, Where there are lots of food, cake, and happiness when everyone lived together singing carols and enjoying the evening together. Merry Christmas.


  • Wish you that the memories from childhood be forever true, Singing carols, getting gifts, and enjoying the evening shows in the churches forever be new. Happy Christmas.


  • May Jesus fulfill your heart with lots of gold coins, so that you shine bright and glitter hard on everyone who seeks help from you. Merry Christmas.


  • May God upholds the tranquility of goodness over evil forever, Let the holiness prevail in the hearts of everyone forever and ever. Happy Christmas.


  • The Blessings of the real ones only count when they are tested. May the Blessings of Almighty be always on us. Merry Christmas.

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