145+ Good Night Quotes ,Wishes and Messages | Inspirational Good Night Quotes for Friends and Lover with Images

145+ Good Night Quotes ,Wishes and Messages | Inspirational Good Night Quotes for Friends and Lover with Images

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Good Night Quotes: The night is that time of a twenty-four-hour day cycle that begins right after the sun completely sets and ends with the first rays of sunlight that appear in the morning sky. Our planet, Earth is designed in such a unique and special way that we get to experience all the wondrous phenomena happening in the sky.

Nighttime truly brings out the exquisiteness of a place. The beautifully and intricately lighted and decorated castles, bridges, humongous buildings, historical monuments are often flocked by tourists at night so that they can experience the glittery aura of these spectacular architectural marvels against the enigmatic background of the night sky. Some of the very best examples of such creations are the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the annually held Vivid Sydney Festival in Australia, the beautiful Gardens by the Bay light show in Singapore, and our very own musical fountain show at Victoria Memorial Kolkata. All these various shows and festivals liven up the night sky of their respective cities. When we talk about night and the beautiful, artificially lit night sky, it is difficult to forget the natural phenomenon of Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis and the bioluminescence in the seas. A good discussion on the topic of the night sky can never be complete without the mention of stars and the moon and the nocturnal creatures like Owls and Bats, that make the silent night come to life.

While night for some may mean just having a long, sound sleep, for others it might mean something more. There are many people who love exploring the extravagant nightlife of their cities. However, there are others who take this time to introspect about their life and day. The silence and the quietude that night brings are ideal for students who wait for this peaceful and serene time of the day where they can fully concentrate on their academics. For the Arden lovers, it might be a good time to indulge in some romantic conversation. The ones who are determined to overcome life’s obstacles, find themselves busy with a night shift job.

The night is the time to unwind and relax and take into account all that has taken place throughout the day. 


Inspirational Good Night Quotes:


Night represents the end of a day or more precisely a phase that ends and grants you the opportunity of a new beginning. Every new beginning brings the ray of self-development and chances of achieving unachieved dreams. Sometimes to start a new day you have to prepare for it earlier. Motivation and inner strength prepare your mind for a great day. If one wants to start a dream from tomorrow, they should end tonight with inspirational Good Night quotes.

One or more inspirational good night quotes to your dear ones not only reflect that you want to encourage them for a great day but also show that you end your day by remembering them. So send these quotes to your beloved ones and inspire them.

  • Like the Endless sky guarding us above our heads, May you be blessed with endless Family support always behind. Wishing you a Good Night My Friend.


  • The beauty of the night is, You go there with a lot of stress, tension, and worries, But you come out with Happiness. Good Night.


  • Twinkling stars are magical to stare at. In a moment they are there and in another they are woosh!!! O Almighty! Please make our worries woosh into the darkness of Nigh and bring the light of Happiness for us.


  • Sometimes to enjoy the inner tranquility, we need to block the external Ailments. May God Blessed you with A Pleasant Night.


  • The moon blocks Sun’s way to provide a calm environment. Sometimes, everyone is correct but in their own time. Wishing you A Good Night.


Inspirational Good night Quotes


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  • Be A watchtower in someone’s life. Because guiding Self through thick or thin is a necessity for self. But guiding others is a Godly nature, which everyone seeks but no one does. May you have Pleasant Night.


  • My image of tomorrow is built today in my eyes. Yes, I’m Sherlock Holmes of my life. Good Night.


  • The Kettle whistles when it completes its work, But a Layman whistles without any work. Be A Kettle, Not A Layman. Wishing you a Good Night My Friend.


  • May your troubles be carried away in the rains of Autumn, and leave you with a warm and breezy soul like spring. May God blessed with a Sound sleep Night.


  • As a Vase collects all flowers and outshines its glory, May you have a wonderful bunch of behaviors that make you outshine in your own glory. Good Night.


  • The calm serene night is inspirational to loud souls, it has soo much in it yet, it is so peaceful. Wishing you a Good Night.


  • There is a difference between aspiration and reality. This difference is the reason for all sorrow in our life. Good Night.


  • I can accept my failure, but can’t give up trying the new opportunity that comes in my path. Failure will be turned into success for sure.


  • Keep yourself truthful to your first take. All your steps should be taken with loyalty and deep from the heart. May God Blessed you with a peaceful Night.


  • Flying is a good thing. But fly till the height from where you can see the ground. Good Night.


  • Start to take responsibility by yourself. And you will be gained with the ability to making your dreams into reality. Good Night My Friend.


  • Maybe I am pricking because Today I am in the form of Glass. But I will be a mirror someday and all will see them on me. Wishing you a Good Night.


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Good Night Quotes for Friends:


Due to our busy daily life, sometimes we don’t get enough time to share about each other’s life. A beautiful Good Night Quote for friends implies that you are wishing them a peaceful sleep, may not stress disturb their sleep, and hope that after a great sleep they are energetic for tomorrow. Send the following Good Night Quotes to your friends and wish them to sound sleep and luck to become more productive tomorrow.

Good Night Quotes for friends will make them feel that you are still there if they need someone by their side. Friends are like wings one needs to fly in their life.

  • Our camaraderie is more prominent than the luminous moon. But the moon also can be seen only in the dark night. However, our partnership continues 24*7 times. My friend has A Sweet Night ahead.


  • Similar to the setting sun, we as pals are trying to deliver each other good fortune and desires. I wish that this twilight sends you a good fortune that will encourage you to achieve all the fantasies which you desire. Wishing you The Great Night My Friend.


  • Every Night though we may not be together any longer. But the passion of our pact is invariably there to soothe us. Have a trusted Night My Pal.


  • Though I had an awful opening of the day, I am sure that devouring time along with you will strangely spin my day into a brilliant day. Thanks for the day my friend I can have A peaceful Night because of you.


  • The remembrances of our camaraderie are similar to the shine of the full moon and the recreation moment we have jointly is similar to the sparkle of the celestial bodies that flicker up my life’s atmosphere. Have A sound Sleep My Dear Friend.


Good Night Quotes for Friends


Good Night Friends


  • The entire planet is your arena and you will twinkle much prominent like a luminary star! My pal quit your concerns for the daylight and slumber adequately. Have a decent Night My Friend.


  • May the fairies from paradise send the precious of all fantasy dreams along with them for you.  May you have an extended and ecstatic nap with ample pleased dreams. Sleep tight, My Friend.


  • There is no requirement to be scared of anything for any intention in your lifetime. It is so as I am constantly here to pray for you and support you no matter what. May God Blessed you with A Happy Night.


  • Almost like the luminous flashes in the sky when it is grey, you brighten up my existence with your guidance every time I am getting on in terms of hard moments. Take proper rest, my Buddy.


  • My friend, I am grateful to you for all things you committed for me this morning. You are a tremendous individual and I consider your friendship very precious to me. Sleep without any tension, as in the next dawn we will confront new challenges. Good Night My Dear Friend!


Good Night Love Quotes:


  • The glittering stars whisper in my ears. Hey, I am sending the Sun in a while. Till then sleep tight and wait for the moment to meet your beloved.


  • I wish to the angels of the night’s garden to protect my queen from all kinds of struggles she is going through at present. May the angels present you happiness for eternity, my love. So, I can witness your happy face every night.


  • The world on the next side of the window is confronting the darkness that this night is bestowing. But my honesty it is not bothering me much as I have you in front of me. You are like the celestial stars to me who are making my life even brighter.


  • Never had any notion of how heaven precisely appears and feels like. But since I met you and am getting to snuggle with you every night I can envision myself in the land where fairies reside. Good Night Beautiful.


  • At present all I can pray from this life is to be fortunate enough to arouse next to you regularly. And in dreams, I also hope to look after you every single moment. 


  • At night, your voice is assisting me to find peace, your embracing hug is fighting with my distress to get ceased, and your intense kisses are helping my heart to forget all that I have missed. Good Night Sweetheart.


Good Night Love Quotes


  • You are like that sweet estuary of a sea where all my nightmares get to see it’s the endpoint and all my beautiful fantasy dream of yours gets to meet another sea. 


  • You are like a pleasing nightingale who sings on a quiet night and brings the charm of a dark eve. For me, you bring elegance with you and make a dull night worth remarkable.


  • I am making A wish to the silky dusk, to sheathe itself by fully covering you, and thereby soothing you with its calm hug and cuddles, as soon as you drift silently to snooze. Sending you the Good Night wishes My Love.


  • My dear, keep your eyes close, and empty your senses and overhear precisely to the musical stars who are rising the dark sky to dangle above your comfortable slumber. Good Night Honey!


  • Similar to the blessings which are gliding towards the upper sky, my feelings of you drift without any restrictions across my sanity, and because of which I fall asleep with the fulfillment. Good Night my love.


Good Night Quotes for Her:


  • The glittering stars whisper in my ears Hey, I am sending the Sun in a while. Till then sleep tight and wait for the light to meet your beloved My Darling. Good Night My Sweet Heart.


  • Sleepless nights make me restless. Making me full of anxiety and aches. I wish you were there with me every single night to restore my sanity. Good Night My Love!


  • The silence of the night awaits the chirping of the birds. I feel the same longing my dear When I am away and near. Good Night Honey!


  • Dreams give us no choice. They are random and illusioned. I wish I could ask the Almighty to bless all my dreams with you. Wishing you A Happy Night.


  • Dreams are colorful and vibrant when you are a part of them. I am just imagining How wonderful life would be when you will be always beside me. Good Night Honey.


  • Last Night I dreamt of you. You looked so beautiful. We spent a lovely time together. Now both my days and nights are fulfilled because of you. Wishing you A Happy Night. Sleep Tight.


  • You are my strength. You are my soul mate. My Nights are filled with your thoughts. As I love you A lot. Good Night beautiful.


  • The stars remind me to never stop shining. They glitter incessantly forming a pattern pleasantly. Good Night Honey.


  • Let’s dream together A future full of love. The days filled with laughter and nights spilling with joy. Wishing You A Sweet Night.


Good Night Quotes for Wife:


  • Similar to the floret of a dandelion gusting gently by the relaxing drifts, I wish all your troubles get dispersed at some distant land so you can slumber at your ease. Wishing you A delightful dream Honey!


  • Have you ever noticed the glossiest luminaries or stars in the dusky sky? All these look faint in the presence of the sparkle in your eye gazes. My love wishing you a shiny night ahead.


  • Our affection for each other is like a dashing fall, magnificent and intense, gorgeous and profound. I exist to realize its fascination every time we snuggle each other to have a tight sleep. Wishing you A sound Sleep Sweet Heart.


  • Like the stars which brighten the dark sky, your pure love and affection for me illumine my soul. In the dusky twilight, you remain as my glowing light. Wishing you a Good Night and Sweet Dreams my Beautiful Wife.


  • Every time I imagine about you, I realize that on this Earth there is no ambitious dream too gigantic to accomplish. I get the confidence that there is everything possible. Have a hope-filled night ahead.


  • You are a gust of neat breezes in this presence of upheaval and unrest. You are my only remaining expectation and hope. Good Night my pain reliever. Good Night my Wife!


  • I want to finish this day with one relevant message for you, my soul partner. I love you to the moon and back. Have A Dreamy Night baby.


  • I wish to be a combatant who can compete for all your agonies and worse dreams and a well-wisher of yours who delivers you purely beautiful dreams. Good Night Sleep Tight Sweet Heart.


  • I generously wait for every twilight to intimately lay right beside you, and snuggle you near to my soul, and take a nap blissfully. Have a sleepy Night My Wife.


  • You are my foremost and ultimate dream in a day. I wish to devote all my dusks to hugging you, kissing on your forehead, and gazing at you taking rest. Have A rest, full Night Sweetheart.


Good Night Prayer Quotes:


  • May the elegance and chasm of the Lord’s affection get packed smoothly around your heart at night, eliminating every suspicion present, and providing you an invaluable harmony of trust and peace between which to sleep. Wishing you A peaceful Night.


  • Hey Lord! We are similar to a flock of sheep who have been deviated from the way. I pray to you kindly lead us on the right path and assist us to reside strong. As we rest tonight, please correct our sins. Wishing you a Good Night.


  • Similar to others as another day finishes, I pray to the Almighty that he recalls you of every small or large blessing he offered you in this past dawn. Wishing you having a nap enriched with gratitude tonight.


  • Blessings for you, to get a deep nap recollecting all the decent memories of the daylight and relaxing with God’s treatment for the incidents that have painted you in any way. May God Blessed you with A sound Sleep.


  • As the Sun is slowly setting and Night is approaching nearer, I wish to lord that his serenity command in your heart. His charm will glow on you. Relish your tonight’s sleep, my friend. Have a Peaceful Night.


  • My Beloved, I hope you are well and also request the God that you will arise with a day with enormous prospects, expectations, accomplishments, and ironies. May God fulfills my wish and you Have a good relaxing Night.


  • As soon as you shut your eyes for taking a nap, trust God that your dream will be filled with fantasies and all your miseries will be removed from your dreams. I wish you a Deep Sleep.


  • In this night’s sleep, I pray to God that he will bestow you ideas for all your problems in your dream. He will swiftly remove all the hurdles from your life. Have a dreamy Night my Friend.


  • In this blessed night may the luminous stars guide you in finding the correct path and the sounds of the vast sea play music for you which will thrill your heart. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.


  • My precious ones, I request the Lord to fill more trust for him in your soul as you go back to bed to take a nap and replenishing yourself with confidence for a fresh day. Wishing you A Happy Night.


Good Night Funny quotes:


  • Hey buddy! While sleeping at night keep your windows open then you don’t have to be scared. The ghost under the bed will escape from the opened window after hearing your snorting sound. Just kidding! Sleep Tight.


  • In your Night’s dream, I pray that the most awesome person arrives in your dream but remember don’t make it an obsession because I am not free every night to visit your daily dream. Good Night Buddy!


  • As said in successful stories our destiny is molded based on how large our dreams are, therefore, don’t consume much time and quickly take your blanket and take a deep sleep.


  • The funniest aspect of napping on your sofa is arising from a small message tinkle that lets you know and you suddenly realize that it’s time to go to bed. Good NIGHT.


  • Smooth Puffy mists, pups, weathercock, jokers, troubled recreational parks,…… Okay, I lost the plot, though I was lending you some pictures or imaginations to ponder about as you go to sleep. Your fantasy dream is dawdling for you.


  • As you have laid in your bed you have been abducted by your pillow and bed sheet, but here is a top-secret message for you, that they told me they will let you go tomorrow. So you have no option left other than taking a deep nap.


  • Today I am so tired that all my usual counting partners or you can also call them sheep are sliding on the other side of the fence. I have to rescue them. So my friend Good Night.


  • Have you found lost Alice from Wonderland? Then have you meet Peter Pan and the Tiny Fairies? If not then quickly dress your night suit and close your eyes, the dreamland train is waiting for you to join them.  Wishing you a Good Night.


  • Attempt not to waste speculating about your lost history, barely sit and prepare plans for your future. Instead, it’s good to execute some mosquito on your desk at that time. It will assist you to take an adequate nap at Night. May you Blessed with A sound Sleep, My Friend.


  • When you are happy everyone around will join you to laugh aloud but when you snore loud you fall asleep and reach the fantasy world all alone. So, it’s time to enjoy your solitude.  


Good Night Blessings:


  • The vast night sky with stars assures us that no matter what, we can have our sanctuary under its mightiness. Good Night and stay blessed.


  • The silent dusky atmosphere enlightens us with an important lesson to take a break from your hustle-filled schedule and reboot yourself for big actions in the next dawn. Good Night My Friend.


  • Dear, don’t get bothered much about any impulsive decision you have taken under today’s sunlight because God fixes everything at best for your next Dawn.


  • As the birds pay tribute to the creator at the end of the daylight and hide behind the grooves similarly express their Gratitude to the Almighty before resting in your bed. Good Night.


  • I wish for your deep sleep and may all those dreams you will experience tonight turn into your achievement for the next day. Take A Good Nap.


  • Nights are there for comfort. Don’t work late at night instead prepare yourself for the bigger challenges that you will meet I your path as soon as you wake up.


  • The clouds in the night sky compel it to appear like a wonderland. And the pillow of yours transforms you into a dreamland where you can see wonders. Wishing you a Good Night.


  • The superiority of the night is outrageous. It can even impressively dress the lofty and commanding mountains to a unique aesthetic angle. Have A Happy Night.


  • At night all I can wish to the lord is to kindly provide all creatures on the surface of the Earth a comfortable sleep so that they don’t suffer from any kind of atrocities. Wishing you a Good Night.


  • All I can hope from this night’s cold breezes is that along with its strong winds it blew away all your worries and at the same brings for you fresh sleek of positivity. Have A Happy Night


Good Night Wishes:


  • The night no longer spends in darkness and in solitude as the sweet nightingales sing his song with amusement. Sleep tight and have a pleasant night ahead.


  • Each Night gives hope that each end will have a beautiful opening in the future. Nobody knew the brightness could again emerge from the darkness. May God Blessed you with A Happy Night.


  • Never overlook even the vaguest dream that is silently knocking in your heart. Your dream will give rise to the next day’s sun with beautiful rainbows on its setting. Wishing You Good Night.


  • The most incredible feeling we can experience is that we all sleep under the same night’s sky no matter how small or how grand our residence looks. Great Night.